One cup of chayote provides 31% of daily folate requirements and 17% of Vitamin C.

Chayote (español: chayote) (Sechium edule) is a type of squash that belongs to the gourd family. Chayote is green and pear-shaped with a white inner flesh that is mild, sweet, juicy and crisp. The chayote plant is perennial and native to the tropics of the Western Hemisphere. Chayote is available year-round but its peak season is fall.

It is loaded with B vitamins, potassium and vitamin C. Chayote is rich in folate, a B vitamin essential to cell division and DNA formation. Extracts of chayote leaf, stem and seed have antimicrobial benefits against strains of bacteria, even some that are antibiotic-resistant.

A folate deficiency can lead to lack of energy, poor immune function and impaired digestion. Folate is especially important nutrient for pregnant women to prevent birth defects like spina bifida.

Nutrition: 1 cup chayote
calories 25
carbohydrates 6 g
fat 0 g
fiber 2.2 g
folate 31% DV
magnesium 4% DV
manganese 12% DV
niacin 3% DV
potassium 5% DV
protein 1.1 g
sugar 2.2 g
zinc 7% DV
vitamin B6 5% DV
vitamin C 17% DV
vitamin K 7% DV