Nixtamal (Hominy) Facts

Nixtamal is fundamental to Mexican cooking.

Tortillas (and all their variations–enchiladas, gorditas, tostadas and sopes to name a few) tamales, and atole, a thick drink, are made from nixtamal masa (dough). Pozole features the nixtamal grains. Hominy, or nixtamal is produced from dried maize (corn) treated with an alkali in a process called nixtamalization. Hominy is also a favorite in the southern United States, often served in the ground-up version known as hominy grits.

Nutrition: 1 cup hominy (165 g)
calories 119
calcium 6% DV
carbohydrates 24 g
fat 1.5 g
protein 2.4 g
vitamin B12 7% DV