Books, videos, magazines, and blogs about plant-based living are so plentiful that they can be overwhelming and confusing. Here are a few that I have found helpful.

What Should I Eat?

Some people experience an immediate and dramatic improvement when they give up animal foods and their toxins, but the truth is that, along with the toxins, animal foods have been providing important nutrients which must be replaced with food from plants. Giving up animal products and consuming only plant food does not guarantee good health….

BTW what’s WFPB?

A mini-glossary (work in progress) to help you navigate plant-based chats.

7 Steps to Plant-Based Living

Start with what you know. Meat-based meals and fast food culture make us settle for potatoes as just about the only vegetable, but most of us are familiar with many edible plants. Some are delicious with no more preparation than washing. You can try new foods as you’re ready, but don’t get overwhelmed by making too many changes or trying to understand too many requirements.