Protein [nutrient]

Proteins are a macronutrient that the cells in your body use for structure.

Protein is very important for building tissues, such as muscle.

Proteins are made from smaller monomers called amino acids. There are twenty amino acids that make up all the kinds of protein your body needs. Your body can make some of the amino acids you need, but there are nine that you must consume in your diet. These are called essential amino acids.

Some Plant-Based Food Sources of Protein

foodgrams of proteinserving
seitan301/2 cup
peanuts20.51/2 cup
almonds16.51/2 cup
tempeh151/2 cup
mycoprotein131/2 cup
firm tofu101/2 cup
edamame8.51/2 cup
lentils (cooked)8.841/2 cup
edamame8.51/2 cup
chickpeas (cooked)7.251/2 cup
quinoa (cooked)41/2 cup
beans with rice3.51/2 cup
kale21/2 cup
potato (baked)81 large
Ezekiel bread41 slice
mushroom35 medium
hemp seeds5Tablespoon
chia seeds2Tablespoon
Source: Medical News Today


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