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This website is for anyone who wants to enjoy good health for as long as they can. Information about food and nutrition can be confusing. My mission is to collect, organize, and make available the most reliable facts and most informed opinions I can find. I have decided to stop eating animal foods, so that is the central focus of the information shared here, but you don’t have to make any food-related commitment. Courtesy and curiosity are the only core values of this group. I’m not an expert on anything food-related, but I’ll do my best to help you find one. I don’t call myself Vegan or Vegetarian because I don’t want to be defined by my food choices. I do want to feel good all the time, I do love teaching others stuff that excites me, and I do love making web pages!

I hope that we can learn from one another and make the best choices every day for our health and the health of the planet. If you have a question or comment, please comment on the blog or send me a message from the CONTACT page. I’m working to make the COOKBOOK easy to use, with cross references to ingredients. RESOURCES connect to reliable research and expert opinions for better understanding plant-based living. WHAT NOT TO EAT aims to examine the reasons given by authorities for leaving out or including foods about which the experts don’t all agree. In Cancún, Mexico, where I live, I needed a cross-indexed food GLOSSARY in English and Spanish, so that’s what I’m building.

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