Welcome to Fruit and Stuff

This is a website for anyone who wants to eat more plant foods, no matter what your reasons. Maybe you are fully committed to never eating animal products again. Maybe you are just curious about vegetarianism, veganism, plant-based, and their spinoffs. Maybe you were only looking for a recipe for a tasty side dish, snack, or dessert.. Welcome!

A Texas Farm Kid’s Favorite Edible Plants

When I decided to go meatless, I drew on memories of my Texas childhood to recall what a lot of plant foods we enjoyed, some of them grown and harvested on my grandmother’s farm. Mashed potatoes, green beans, fried okra, fresh peaches, strawberries, bananas, apples, pears, plums, and pomegranates were just a few of my…

Are You a Real Vegan?

When I decided to look for ways to enjoy life without meat, I found myself in a world of strange ingredients, passionate opinions, and confusing factions. I didn’t know the difference between vegan and vegetarian, and I wondered if I could use nutritional yeast to make my bread rise. I had known for a long…

Meatless in a Meat-Driven World

Fruit and Stuff is mostly about improving health through food choices, and this blog has the Do-It-Yourself Plant-Baser in mind. My hope is that everyone will switch to plant-based and make it their way of eating for as long as they live. In addition to personal health, there are moral, spiritual, and environmental reasons to do that.