A guide to WFPB and other acronyms

BTW ICYMI, SAD is a questionable WOE. ISO a better WOE? FOK or WFPBSOS may be right for you.

Newcomers to plant-based chats sometimes feel lost and bewildered by acronyms and abbreviations for often-repeated short (and not-so-short) phrases. This tendency started long before the digital age with things like NATO, UNESCO, NASA, NAFTA, POTUS, FLOTUS, and SCOTUS. With internet chat came the emoticons and LOL, BRB, and other shortcuts. This glossary focuses on vegan / vegetarian / plant-based phrases, but I’ve included a few more that are useful. Just yesterday, after feeling like a clueless outsider for a few hours, I learned that F in a comment means Following, which puts the commenter in the loop for notifications. (I also learned that there is a better alternative to avoid clogging posts with too many comments. I’ll let someone else explain that.)

Here is a mini-glossary (a work in progress). Please feel free to comment on this page or send a note through the Contact page if there is something you want to ask about or contribute. You can search for all kinds of abbreviations at https://www.abbreviations.com/


  • FOK / Forks Over Knives (a book, a movie, a WOE, a website, a movement)
  • GFO / gluten-free option
  • HCLF / high carb low fat
  • MM / meatless Monday
  • SAD / standard American diet
  • WFPB / whole food plant-based
  • WFPBNO / whole food plant-based no oil
  • WFPBSOS / whole food plant-based salt-free, oil-free, sugar-free
  • WOE / way of eating
  • NO / no oil
  • SOS / salt-free, oil-free, sugar-free


  • BTW / by the way
  • FYI / for your information
  • ICYMI / in case you missed it
  • ISO / in search of

Already More Plant-based Than We Think

It is helpful and inspiring to think about all the wonderful, colorful, tasty food plants at our fingertips. Some days I feel like concocting a fancy meat substitute dish, but other days I can just slice an avocado or dig into a watermelon, and go to the beach! I hope you find the glossary helpful and will refer to it often as more items are added.

I am bilingual and bicultural, so I included names in English and Spanish. Since food names vary greatly from place to place, I settled on Southwest American English and Central Mexican Spanish. The links contain details about specfic items.

¡Saludos! and ¡Salud! from beautiful Cancún, México!

It’s Your Choice

Fruit and Stuff is mostly about improving personal health, and the blog has the Do-It-Yourself Plant-Baser in mind. My hope is that everyone will switch to plant-based and make it their way of eating for as long as they live. In addition to personal health, there are moral, spiritual, and environmental reasons to do so, but those concerns will be left for the most part to other publications.

Regardless of whether you are following someone else’s plan or making it up as you go, you will benefit from becoming conscious of EVERY SUBSTANCE you take into your body. Ask yourself what it is doing FOR you and what it is doing TO you. Acknowledge your reason for taking it into your body, whether you are eating it as food, drinking it as beverage, or swallowing, injecting, snorting or smoking that substance as therapeutic or recreational drug.

If you are following a prescribed plant-based diet for a specific health outcome, by all means you should comply with the requirements of that diet and the recommendations of your health care provider. Long-term success is more likely if you accept sole responsibility for your health and your choices. You may choose to adhere strictly to a prescribed eating plan, but that in itself is YOUR choice, and YOU, not the experts who designed the plan, must make the choices every day about what you eat, what you think, and how you live. You and you alone, not the experts, will enjoy or suffer the consequences of following a plan you have chosen.

Animal products are bad for everyone’s health, but eliminating them flies in the face of thousands of years of habit, tradition, and even religion. It takes courage, patience, and tolerance to live a meat-free life in a meat-driven world. I try to not make a big deal of it. Good manners require that I respect the choices others make about what to eat and what to serve, but they also require that others respect my choices when I say, “No, thank you.” I don’t define myself by a name related to a way of eating. I am not A Vegan or A Vegetarian or A WFPB. I am simply a human being who, on a particular occasion, is choosing to eat plants and nothing else.

Habits, not rules

Stressing about every little thing you eat can be as counterproductive as eating potentially harmful things. Plant-Based is not a set of rules to obey or disobey. It is a set of principles and guidelines to follow. It is not a race or a competition. Habits make the difference, not rigid adherence to rules, even your own. There’s no benefit in obsessing over an occasional transgression or indulgence!