How to Make Food 100% Vegan

There are many opinions about which products are best if you want to avoid all animal products, as well as refined sugar and unhealthy oils. Here are a few suggestions that are widely available even if you don’t have access to specialized vegan stores.


Coconut Oil is a good choice for vegan baking. If you want to avoid oil altogether, unsweetened applesauce will work in many recipes.


Instead of refined sugar, you can use date paste, maple syrup, coconut sugar or stevia. If you are new to these products, follow the product guidelines for substituting them in recipes. Stevia can leave an unpleasant aftertaste.


Chia seeds or flaxseeds soaked in water for at least 30 minutes can be substituted for eggs in many recipes. Use 1 Tbsp of seed in 3 Tbsp of water to equal 1 egg. Applesauce is an acceptable substitute for eggs in some recipes.

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