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Living on Plants and Loving It

This is a website for anyone who wants to eat more plant foods, no matter what your reasons. Maybe you are fully committed to never eating animal products again. Maybe you are just curious about vegetarianism, veganism, plant-based, and their spinoffs. Maybe you were only looking for a recipe for a healthy side dish.

When I stopped eating meat in 2019, I was happy to see how much information was available in articles, videos, and social media to help get started. However, after a few information-gathering sessions, I was overwhelmed, so I designed this website as a way to collect, organize, and simplify that wealth of information–a kind of virtual note-card box of facts, recipes, and resources. I’m sharing it because I think you might find it useful too.

The blog features the most recent posts, but if you are looking for a specific topic, the GLOSSARY OF PLANT-BASED FOODS is an alphabetical listing of many plant-based foods with links to information about those plants and their nutritional value. RECIPES is an index of all the recipes posted so far. NUTRIENTS has basic information about vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients with links to more detailed information. RESOURCES connects to external sources as well as a few internal blog posts with information for a deeper understanding of plant-based living.

After many decades of eating meals planned around a main course of meat, I gave it up in July, 2019, when my son, who had recently switched to plant-based eating for health reasons, hinted that I might feel better if I stopped eating meat, eggs, cheese, and milk. I thought I was doing pretty well for a grandmother of seven, but I had resigned myself to living with an annoying cough, aches and pains in my back and legs, decreasing energy and daily blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life. I decided to give it a shot. I immediately felt positive effects and found it surprisingly easy, even fun, to change my habits and explore new ways of enjoying food. Plant-based living describes lifetime habits rather than a temporary diet; it refers to things that I do rather than something that I am. It helps me focus and gives me the freedom to get back on track if I get off. I’m feeling so good, I don’t mind what you call me. I just want to share my experiences and hope you’ll do the same.

I have lived in Cancún, Mexico, since June, 2017. I’ve been a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, translator, and university administrator in Texas, Massachusetts, and Mexico. I recently added great-grandmother to that list. ~ Mary Ann Lesh