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Living on Plants and Loving It

Plant-based living describes lifetime habits rather than a temporary diet; it refers to things that I do rather than something that I am. It helps me focus and gives me the freedom to get back on track if I get off. I’m feeling so good, I don’t mind what you call me. I just want to share my experiences and hope you’ll do the same.

After many decades of eating meals planned around a main course of meat, I switched to plant-based living in July, 2019. My son, who is a chiropractor and who had recently switched to plant-based eating, hinted that I might feel better if I stopped eating meat, eggs, cheese, and milk.

I thought I was doing pretty well for a grandmother of seven, but I had resigned myself to living with an annoying cough, aches and pains in back and legs, decreasing energy and daily blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life. I decided to give it a shot. I immediately felt positive effects and found it surprisingly easy, even fun, to change my habits and explore new ways of enjoying food.

I have lived in Cancún, Mexico, since June, 2017. I’ve been a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, translator, and university administrator in Texas, Massachusetts, and Mexico. I recently added great-grandmother to that list. ~ Mary Ann Lesh

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