Is Raw Vegan the Best Way?

Some foods that are not of animal origin, even some that are marketed as vegan, should nevertheless be eliminated from a healthy eating plan. Opinions and recommendations may vary. The objective of this page is to gather the most credible facts and opinions about questionable edibles so you can make the decision that is best for you.

Many fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are at their best when they are not cooked, and raw vegan practitioners report good results from their way of eating. However, some very nutritious foods will not be digested if they are not cooked, and some nutrients are actually enhanced by cooking.

The challenges of balancing a food plan are increased by trying to eat raw only, and some negative effects of all-raw have been reported. Eating a lot of raw fruits and vegetables is a good choice in any way of eating, but forbidding any and all cooked foods can be counterproductive. This article from Plant Based News summarizes the pros and cons of raw vegan eating plans.

ARTICLE: Is Eating a Raw Vegan Diet Really Worth It? by Diana Lupica